PHASE 2: Trained or Full licence holder - Progress, Hesitancy and Normal road position




"I would like you to assume that I am a qualified driver who passed a driving test some time ago but needs some driver development. I drive the same car as you so I am familiar with the various controls. I have just returned to the UK from abroad and would like you to look at my general progress, hesitancy and my normal road position and correct any faults that may occur. You can call me Brian"


"Hello Brian my name is Chris and I understand you are looking for some help in improving your driving particularly regarding progress, hesitancy and normal road position. I believe you drive the same car as mine and have recently returned to the uk from abroad. I will also assess your general driving and give you any help and guidance you may need. Before we move off I would just like to ask you a few questions to check your knowledge in the areas you have asked me to look at.


  • What is the normal speed limit in our towns and cities?
  • What do you take into consideration when selecting an appropriate speed?
  • Why is it important that we drive to the speed limit if safe to do so and what effect may it have on the following vehicles if you were to drive slower?
  • Imagine you are approaching a roundabout to turn right third exit; when would you begin to look for a safe gap and what effect could it have on following vehicles if you fail to take it?
  • What does the phrase "prepared to stop but ready to go" mean and when would you apply it?
  • Driving on a one way road with two lanes where should you position for turning right at the end of the road?
  • Tell me what our normal road position or safety line is in relation to kerb?
  • How would that change on a narrower road and what would you use to judge it?
  • What adjustment would you make to your position for a right hand bend and why?


Ok Brian I am happy you have a good understanding of the areas we are going to look at today so I think we should perhaps see if this knowledge can be put into practice. Our objective today is to improve your progress and observation of speed limits, avoid undue hesitancy and ensure your normal road position is correct and safe"


You would next ask the examiner to carry out their cockpit drill whilst watching for any faults. Then ask them to move on when ready again watching closely for any weakness in their routines. As with any phase 2 subject you should be proactive throughout asking probing questions to try and prevent faults from occurring. Remember do not be afraid to pull over to discuss these faults especially if agreement cannot be reached or if it begins to feel like a runaway train.

For examples of probing questions and the use of the core comps specific to this phase or to watch a demonstration video please contact Chris to find out how?



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