PHASE 2: Trained - Approaching Junctions to turn Left and Right




"I would like you to assume I am a pupil at the trained stage with a driving test coming up soon. We have not met before and you are standing in for my usual instructor who drives the same car as you. I would like you to assess how I deal with approaching junctions turning left and right from a major into a minor road. Please correct any faults that may occur as I have been told that I need to improve in this area. You may call me Blaine"


"Good Morning Blaine, my name is Chris and I have been asked to stand in for your normal instructor who has been called away due to a family illness. I drive the same car as him so you should be familiar with all the controls. I spoke to him earlier and he said you were going to be working on approaching junctions today in preparation for your up and coming test so that's what we will be working on today. Before we get on the move I would like to ask you a few questions to check your understanding of the subject


  • Imagine we are travelling on a major road and I ask you to take the next road on the right. What is the first thing you should do and why?
  • How far from the junction should you begin to signal and when would you need to delay it?
  • Where should you position on approach for turning right from a major to minor road and how do you judge that position?
  • What is meant by progressive braking and what speed and gear would normally be suitable when making the turn?
  • How far from the junction would you normally be when changing the gear and why is it important to bring the clutch straight up?
  • When turning right from the major to minor road how do you assess a safe gap?
  • Why is it dangerous to cut the corner when turning right and do you have a reference point for your point of turn?
  • When turning left from a major to minor road as you approach the turn you notice a pedestrian has stepped into the new road. Who has priority?


Ok Blaine you have demonstrated good knowledge on the subject so I think we will get on the move and see if we can put the theory into practice.


So our objective today is to improve your approach and negotiation of left and right turns from a major to minor road safely and with due regard for other road users"


You would next ask the SE/pupil to carry out their cockpit drill whilst watching for any faults. Then ask them to move on when ready again watching closely for any weakness in their routines. As with any phase 2 subject you should be proactive throughout asking probing questions to try and prevent faults from occurring. Remember do not be afraid to pull over to discuss these faults especially if agreement can not be reached or if it begins to feel like a runaway train.

For examples of probing questions and the use of the core comps specific to this phase or to watch a demonstration video please contact Chris and see how you can gain access.


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