PHASE 2:Trained or Full licence holder - Crossroads




"I would like you to assume I am a pupil at the Trained stage with a driving test coming up soon and we have never met before. You are standing in for my normal instructor and I have had all my lessons in a car the same as yours. I would like you to asses how I deal with Crossroads as I have been told I need to improve in this area. That is emerging and approaching and please correct any faults that may occur. You can call me Tony"


"Hello Tony, my name is Chris and I understand you have a driving test coming up and you would like to improve on how you deal with Crossroads so this is what we are going to be looking at today. I will also assess your general driving and provide any help and assistance that may be required. Firstly I would like to ask you some questions to see what your knowledge of crossroads is like.


  • When you have paused at a crossroads to emerge, where should you be looking and what should you be looking for?
  • You arrive at the give way lines and you wish to turn right. Opposite is a car which wishes to follow the road ahead. Who has priority and why?
  • When approaching a crossroads on the major road why is it important to check your mirrors and be prepared to slow your car down?
  • What do we meant by the term coasting and why must we avoid it?
  • What are the dangers of cutting the corner when turning right from the major to minor road and where is your reference point to help avoid this?
  • You are on the minor road emerging to follow the road ahead; there are cars parked opposite on your side of the road close to the junction mouth. How might this affect your positioning and why?
  • Explain to me the differences in approach speed between a closed and open junction?


Well Tony, I am happy that you have good knowledge there so I think we need to get on the move so I can assess how you put the theory into practice. So the objective this morning is to be able to identify, approach and negotiate crossroads with due regard for other road users.

Please set your car up in the normal way"


You would now watch the SE as they go through their cockpit drill and remember to rectify any faults that may occur. When they have completed it ask them how they have set the mirrors. Once completed ask them to move off when ready and make sure you watch them especially when there are crossroads in site.



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