PHASE 1: Beginner-Controls  


You would start this phase at the test centre and the examiner will ask you to sit in the Driver's seat. The SE (supervising examiner) will give you the word picture which will be something similar to the following:




"I would like you to assume I am a pupil at the beginner stage and instruct me on the safety aspects on entering the car for the first time, explain the important controls and if time permits, instruct me on moving off and stopping. You can assume my Licence and eyesight has been checked. Please correct any faults that may occur. You can call me Tom."


Start by introducing yourself and stating the aim of the lesson. In effect this is simply repeating back what you have been told in the word picture.


"Hello Tom, I understand this is your first driving lesson and you have not driven a car before and this is your first driving lesson. In a few minutes I am going to drive us to a quiet area which will be more suitable for today's lesson. Before I do this can I ask you if you have put a seat belt on before. Good please check that your door is closed; pop your seatbelt on and can I also ask you to keep your feet away from the dual control pedals in the foot well there. I also would like to ask you a few questions before we get under way just to find out a little more about your previous experience and knowledge.


  • Have you driven any other form of motor vehicle before?
  • How about a bicycle have you ridden one of those on the roads?
  • What are your reasons for learning to drive?
  • Have you begun studying for your theory test yet?


Our objective today is to show you how to locate identify and use the main controls of the vehicle and if we have time get you to move off and stop"


You are now going to drive a short distance to a more suitable location to give the rest of the lesson. On route you should encourage the SE (senior examiner) to watch how you use some of the controls. Perhaps how you select the gears with the palming method. Ask them to watch how you hold and use the steering wheel. Talk about the mirrors and blind spot. You will only have a couple of minutes on the move use it wisely! When you are asked to pull up on the left in a suitable location ask the SE to remain seated and leave their seatbelt on.


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